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E Porcha Gov BD Check – E Porcha Check Online. Get all exclusive information about Eporcha.Gov.BD from this website. Nowadays, everyone is becoming more aware of the land they own. Hence, ownership verification is essential. Porcha or Khatian BD makes this possible and solves all land related problems.

However, we are bringing all the information about this service here. You will learn how to check BS, CS, or RS khatian online and how you can get certified copy. What to do if you do not get the certificate when checking again? That’s why you need to apply. So how to apply for e-porcha khatian? How to download e Porcha Khatian? I will share all its details through this post. You read carefully and know.

E Porcha Check Online

E Porcha  check online is one of the means to  land ownership. How to check your land ownership? For that you need to enter the official www.eporcha.gov.bd website. Then you will go to the link to view Khatian and Mouja map. There you search for ownership by your name, division, district, upazila, land mark number. It is a government service. Where all common people of the country can receive services. Again you can get land ownership through apps if you want. Which will be easier for you.

What is E Porcha? E-porcha is the means of deed of land. If you can figure out the khatian or namjari you will easily get the mark number. But you will find few steps here. Because this paper is divided in several ways.

E Porcha Gov BD Check

How to check from E Porcha Online? For that you have to enter Bhumi Recorded and Mauza Map website link e porcha gov bb check. You can search there with your mark number and check the certificate. Here you can easily check khatian through e-porcha apps. For which you need to download apps. Then you can also watch YouTube videos if you have trouble figuring out. You can follow our rules again.

E Porcha Gov BD Check

  • First go to any browser and search https://www.eporcha.gov.bd.
  • Then you will easily get the portal to avail the services of Khatian and Mouja maps.
  • Now click on “Survey Khatian/Namjari Khatian/Mauja Map” menu from home page
  • Now provide you Khatian required information Name, Father’s Name, Division, District, Upazila, Mauza correctly.
  • Then provide your Khatian number.
  • If you want to write the name of the previous owner of the land. Fill in all the blanks.
  • Submit then you will get ownership of Khatian or Jami.

What are the types of E Porcha?

How many types of e-porcha? There are generally 4 types of e-porcha. It is necessary to know these before checking e-porcha. Because you can read the requirement while applying or checking. The four types are:

  1. CS Khatian
  2. SA Khatian
  3. RS Khatian
  4. BS Khatian/ City Survey

What is Required to Check E- Porcha?

What is Required to Check E-Porcha? To check e-porcha you will need daag number, owner name, NID card, birth registration card number and your address. Then you can check this slip yourself. Also visit smart record and map site to know the necessary things.

Online Khatian Check BD

If you want you can do Khatian Check BD online. Because the government has been collecting Mauza maps for a long time and creating data. So that common people can get khatian from online. For that you need to enter the website. There must be submitted with all the information. Then you will get your desired result. How to Check Online Khatian Check BD? For this you need to enter the e-porcha website. Also we will discuss below all the process of extracting khatian. You can read once before checking.

E Porcha Gov BD Check

  • First, you need to enter the https://www.eporcha.gov.bd website.
  • Then you have to choose the check option.
  • Then you will get a new interface.
  • There you will give your name, father’s name.
  • Now you have to give your address district, upazila, division.
  • Go to Mauza search and enter the number.
  • Enter Khatian number to view Khatian.
  • Then you will get your khatian number.

Online RS Khatian Check BD

What is RS Khatian? RS Khatian is a new survey created from the previous survey. RS Khatian is much more powerful survey than normal Khatian. It was surveyed in Bangladesh after the partition of the country in 1950. Here the king, subjects and common ownership are surveyed. Ownership is easily found out from RS Khatian. Here is who was the previous owner of the land before mentioned. How to Online RS Khatian Check BD? For that you need to enter the government land website link. Then you can see all RS Khatian information there. After filling all the forms there you will get RS Khatian. Can apply for RS Khatian again. Then RS will inform you through Khatian.

Online BS Khatian Check BD

Before Online Khatian Check you need to know BS. What is BS Khatian? BS Khatian is the survey that was done after 1970. This survey is the latest reform. How to do BS Khatian Check BD? First you need to enter www.eparcha.gov.bd. There you have to submit with all the information. If you know then you can know very easily. Also you can see below to check BS Khatian Check Rules.

  • First you need to enter Ministry of Lands official website  https://www.eporcha.gov.bd.
  • Now write your name, father’s name.
  • You should write any district, division, upazila, thana.
  • You must write in which town you live.
  • Provide your land spot number.
  • Click on result when all information is given.

Then you will get your BS certificate. BS Khatian will be useful? When you find out the ownership of the land, if you know the BS Khatian, you can easily search.

E Porcha Khatian Download

How to download E Porcha Khatian? To download Khatian you have to enter their website. Submit with all your information there. Read these before downloading E Porcha Khatian.

  • First of all you need to enter the official website of Land Department  https://www.eporcha.gov.bd.
  • Then enter your name.
  • Provide your district and division.
  • Give the number of Mouza.
  • Enter your mark number.
  • Provide the name of any previous owner you had.
  • Now click on search button.
  • Fill in captcha below if applicable.

You an download the certified copy from here. For that you have to enter the website and search for the certified copy. Then you can view and download the certified copy. Then you will know who owned your land. You can easily find out who owns the land. How do you apply for E Parcha Want? Go below to know.

E Porcha Khatian Apply Online

E Porcha Khatian check can be done through Apply Online. How to Apply E Porcha Khatian? For that you have to enter the e-parcha official website link. Then search by writing Khatian. Then the page will appear in front of you. Provide all your information there. Then your Khatian application will be done. But those who don’t know, know first. You can easily apply if you follow the rules below.

  • First you need to enter https://www.eporcha.gov.bd.
  • There will be search by writing Khatian.
  • Now write your name, father’s name and ownership name.
  • You have to give district, division, police station and village.
  • You must provide the spot number of your land.
  • Complete the scheduled payment.
  • Download the application copy.
  • Then submit the application copy to the land office.

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