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You can do the E-Passport Application online if you want. You don’t need to go to passport office for this. Do you want to do E-Passport Application? For that you need to enter the site officially. Do you know the official link of E-Passport of Bangladesh? If you don’t know the link then you can visit our site Resultcheckinfo.com. E-Passport is a valuable resource of Bangladesh Government. Provide all your information correctly before applying here. Because if your information is wrong, you have to make corrections again. What does it take to apply? Read the entire post to know the necessary information.

Also from here you can check E-Passport status. What is the age for Passport Application, E-Passport Application Online Bangladesh, Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application, E-Passport Registration Online, E-Passport Application Online 2024 see below.

E-Passport Application

How to do E-Passport Application online? To apply for a passport, visit the official website  www.epassport.gov.bd. Then you will get passport home page. Now you have to click on passport application option. Then you will see empty cell option. You have to submit with all the information. Then your passport application will be complete. But remember that your information must be provided correctly. If necessary, keep the birth registration card with you.
Try to give your name, parent’s name and date of birth accurately.

What kind of passport do you apply for? Because you will get e-passport and MRP passport options while applying. But e-passport will be better for you. A few steps must be completed while applying. Which we will discuss in detail with pictures. How old should I be to get a passport? You must be 18 years old to apply for a passport. Because in Bangladesh when he turns 18 he is considered to be of age.

You can apply for passport online and at the office. When you go to the office, you have to take the serial along the line. Which can cause suffering for you. This is why today’s online has become popular. Read more below to apply for Bangladesh passport online.

E-Passport Application Bangladesh

Want to apply for E-Passport of Bangladesh? Then you need to fill the form in the office or online for passport. Why do you want a passport? Because passport is essential for travel abroad, higher education, employment and immigration. If you want to go abroad then you have to take visa with passport. And to get a visa, you need a passport. So the citizens of Bangladesh are willing for this passport. How to apply for e-passport of Bangladesh? The rules for applying online are the same. You just need to enter their web portal https://www.epassport.gov.bd. There you can enter email and password and you can move forward. Then you have to complete the application by completing some steps.

How many days after passport application will be received? This will depend on you. Because at the time of application you will get the passport receive option, select the day there. If you apply in emergency mode, you will get it within a week. And if you want to take them normally then it will take 45 days. However, the main condition for passport is to be a citizen of Bangladesh. What is required to do E-Passport? To know you have to read carefully.

What is required to E-Passport

What is required to E-Passport? You can apply for passport with your NEED card, birth registration card, email, phone number. Because when you go to apply you have to start with email. Then complete all the process step by step. Then you can finish the application. Check the information required for passport application.

  • NID card
  • Email ID
  • Phone Number
  • Birth Registration Card
  • Chairman certificate

Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application

Want to do Machine Readable Passport (MRP) Application? MRP passport is required if you want to go abroad. How to apply for MRP passport? For that you have to enter the passport office website link. Now login with email. Then step by step options will appear in front of you. You complete all the steps one by one. Then you will be able to apply MRP easily.

What is the difference between MRP and E-Passport? E-Passport is an electric chip with logo attached. It can be easily identified by scanning the chip during passport verification at the immigration airport. And the full meaning of MRP is Machine Readable Passport. This passport does not have any logo. If you want to go out through this passport, your passport is checked through the machine. As a result you may lose some valuable time. So there is no difference between MRP and e-passport. How to register e-passport online? See below for all the processes.

How to do E-Passport Application online

How to E-Passport Application online? For this you need to visit the passport office website www.epassport.gov.bd. There you have to start the application with your district and police station. Then you need to add the email. Then you will get the next steps. How many steps are there to complete? You do not have to do the 5 steps correctly the application will be rejected. After the email you have to give your info name, or mother’s name, district, division, date of birth, country, thana, upazila, post code. Now if you have no experience in applying then read the below steps carefully.

E-Passport Application

Step 1. Website Link: First you need to enter Passport Official Browser  https://www.epassport.gov.bd. From home page you have to click on apply online passport.

Step 2. Select region of e-passport: First you will get question. Do you want to apply for passport from Bangladesh? The answer starts with yes. Now select your current address district and nearest police station.

E-Passport Application

Step 3. Email: The email id of the passport applicant should be provided. There will be human option below and should be ticked to proceed.

Step 4. Your Account Information: Minimum 6 digit password is required to create an epassport.gov.bd account. Passwords must meet the conditions. Because the minimum requirement of password is to have one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number.

Example: Bangladesh 1234

5. Now provide your info name, first name, last name and phone number. Fill the captcha below correctly and click on continue button.

Step 6. E-Passport account active: You need to enter email to keep e‑Passport application active. Because email you have to click there with confirmation message. Then your passport application will be confirmed.

E-Passport Registration Online

Do you want to go abroad? Then of course you need to take approval. How to get permission to go abroad? For that you need passport. Where is the passport? If you want to apply directly to the passport office. Again you can apply for passport at home through online. For this you have to fill the E-Passport Registration Online form. How to do E-Passport Registration? For you online them Must enter the web portal www.epassport.gov.bd. Then fill the form with all your information name, or mother’s name, date of birth, address. After filling the form download the application copy. Because the application copy must be submitted to the passport office. How much is the E-Passport Registration fee? To know the application fee you need to read more.

E-Passport Application Fee

How much is the E-Passport Application Fee? E-Passport Regular 48 pages 5 years validity TK 4,025, Express K 6,325, Super Express 8,625 to be paid. On the other hand, regular TK 5,750, Express TK 8,050, Super Express TK 10,350 have to be paid for e-passport of 48 pages for 10 years. How to pay E-Passport Application Fee? You can pay online if you want. You can also pay through One Bank, Premier Bank, Sonali Bank, Trust Bank and Bikash. Your application will be accepted if the payment is successful. For that you have to pay money on time. If you have any comments to take payment, you can comment us.

E-Passport Application

E Passport 48 pages, 5 years and 10 years

Passport Type  Pages  Delivery Time  5 Year  10 Year 
Regular 48 21 4,025 tk 5,750
Express 48 10 6,325 tk 8,050
Super Express 48 2 8,625 tk 10,350

E Passport 64 pages, 5 years and 10 years

Passport Type   Pages  Delivery Time  5 Year  10 Year 
Regular 64 21  TK 6,325 TK 8,050
Express 64 10  TK 8,625 TK 10,350
 Super Express 64 2 TK 12,075 TK 13,800

E-Passport Application Online 2024

What is E-Passport? E-Passport is the only authorization document to go outside the country. Where you need to go abroad for travel, employment or immigration. Do you want to go out of your country? Then passport is essential for you. Today we will discuss the rules of passport application under the new rules of 2024. How to do E-Passport Application Online 2024? For that you need to enter the passport website. Submit your ID card, date of birth, name, or mother’s name, address, district and all information there. Then the applied letter should be submitted to the passport office. The office will take the deposit and give you time to take the picture. Now you have to take pictures and complete all tasks. Then according to your time the passport will be verified by the police and the passport will be issued. Thus you need to apply for passport.

E-Passport Check Online 

Do you want to do E-Passport Check Online? Then you need to check from official passport website. Because all passport work is completed through the official website. For that you need to know the passport web portal link. Which you can get from our website Resultcheckinfo.com.

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