SIM Registration Check Online

SIM Registration Check Online Bangladesh ? Then you need to know the information given by us. Because all the rules of SIM registration will be discussed here. How do you know who registered your SIM? For that you can check online. What to do if your SIM is lost? For that you can withdraw SIM with NID card and register. Are you interested in knowing the real ownership of the SIM? Then you can know the ownership of the SIM online.

To register the SIM, you need to know the ownership of the SIM. Otherwise you will fail to replace the SIM if it is lost, damaged. For that it is necessary to know the owner of the SIM. So from here you can see SIM Registration Check Online, SIM Registration Check by NID, SIM Registration Check Mobile Number.

SIM Registration Check Online

How to do SIM Registration Check Online? For that dial *16001# from your mobile pad. Now provide the last four digits of the ID card. Then you will be given an SMS from the office. There the first three and last three digits of your SIM will be given. Check how much SIM registration you have. In this way you can know the registration number of all sims in Bangladesh. If you want, you can check Grameenphone, Robi, Teletalk and Banglalink SIM registration by following these rules. But remember to check the registration you need to have money on your phone. Because the charge will be applied when you dial.

From online you can know how many registrations there are in the name of the SIM. Currently, the government has announced the cancellation of SIM without SIM registration. Due to lack of registration, it is being used more for criminal activities. Therefore, the jury has announced that those who were not registered earlier will be registered. Read more to see updated rules for checking SIM registration.

How to Check SIM Registration Online

Have SIM card with your ID card. How do you understand? So you can check SIM registration online. How to Check SIM Registration Online? You can use USD Code, NID Card, Passport Card, Driving License to check SIM registration. Also we will discuss the rules of SIM registration in an easy way. If you know, please comment. And for those who don’t know, read on for our Trips and Tricks.

SIM Registration Check Online

  • First you need to dial *16001# from mobile pad.
  • Secondly give the last four digits of NID card.
  • Now check mobile SMS.
  • You can check the SIM registration and know the SIM number through SMS.

SIM Registration Check by NID Card

You can do SIM Registration Check by NID Card. Since 2015, the Bangladesh government has made SIM registration mandatory. According to that rule, you can top up 15 SIMs with one NID card. How to SIM Registration Check by NID Card? For that you need to dial USD code *16001#. Then know about your SIM registration with your NID card. Here you must have balance money as per rules. NID card is required to buy any SIM card. Because all information is given in NID card. Also you can check sim with passportĀ  Check.

SIM Registration Check by Mobile NumberĀ 

Do you want to know whose mobile number is registered? Then you have to search online by mobile number. How to SIM Registration Check by Mobile Number? For that you need to dial USD code. Then give your ID card. Now you have to submit with your mobile number. Then the information will come according to your mobile number. Thus you can check by number. How to understand who is in the SIM name? Therefore you need to seek more knowledge.

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